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Environment & history
Ūbeļu nami are located in a peaceful, tidy and safe Ādaži district on the bank of Vējupe.

The main advantage of Ūbeļu nami project is a tidy, well-thought-out territory, where the main focus is  safety and convenience of residents.The landscape architecture consists of a green area, a large oak belt, places to relax and, of course, the nearby Vējupe.

History of the project name

The name of the project reflects the street on which the buildings are located. The author of the project had no doubt how to name the home for young inhabitants of the city of Ādaži - especially discovering the lifestyle, character and positive meaning of turtle doves.

Oak trees of Ūbeļu nami
The great pride of the Ūbeļu nami project is the oak trees growing right next to it. These ancient, big oaks will delight you in everyday walks.